about us

Buddhi is associated with premier institutions, associations, content providers and educators worldwide (UK, US, ANZ) to offer superior quality in curriculum and pedagogy. The Buddhi curriculum is based on international standards in all segments -pre-school, elementary, middle and high school. It is further designed to address individual learning styles using the latest research in the field such as multiple intelligences theory, as well as established best practices in education advocated by Montessori, Waldorf and Reggio-Emilia models. Mixed-age and multi-level learning methods are powerful and unique features at Buddhi, ensuring opportunities for acceleration and enrichment. Our multi-dimensional approach and value for individual needs allows us to hone a student’s varying interests and abilities. Besides curriculum, all of our interventions are also intended to help children develop a holistic attitude towards life encompassing human values, thereby enabling them to successfully live and contribute responsibly in a dynamic and fast paced world of the future.

Curriculums at Buddhi are all founded on the following broad principles and govern our decisions while selecting standardised academic curriculums.
  • The learning process focuses on building independent learning abilities in children
  • Conceptual knowledge is intrinsically linked to application skills
  • Investigative and Research skills are the foundation of knowledge acquisition
  • Creative abilities are fundamental to successful functioning in the new world order
  • Essential human qualities such as ethical values and respectful behaviours are crucial to successful and happy living.

Buddhi’s team of experienced and dedicated teachers continuously use the latest teaching strategies and resources to manage learning and assessment thereby keeping the learning content fresh and interesting. A thinking based and inter-disciplinary approach in curriculum is emphasized to enhance “understanding” in students and enable them to develop a purposeful and an independent attitude towards their learning.

Fun at Buddhi is never far behind, and Triveni and PE take students on a journey filled with excitement through a range of artistic, creative and sporting activities.

Buddhi promotes a perfect blend of learning and purpose keeping in mind the child as an individual. At the end of the Buddhi journey, your child is transformed into a confident young individual on the threshold of the future.