Welcome to Buddhi Physical Education

At Buddhi we believe that active play lets children and young people try new things, understand their own abilities, and enjoy being active. It helps them build movement skills (for example, agility, balance and coordination) and gain confidence to be active in different environments. This is called physical literacy. Play therefore is an intrinsic part of our environment integrating into all areas of learning and therefore extends seamlessly into organised games & sport.

Games & sports provide conditions for children to push their limits and achieve difficult goals. It teaches them to think outside the box and to step outside their comfort zones. It also teaches them sportsmanship where they learn that to compete well, a player must have respect for their teammates, the opposing players and their coaches. They learn to appreciate different sports and fitness activities, which helps them develop an active personality.

Such an education has many physical, developmental, psychological and social benefits for children. It helps children increase their awareness about physical health & fitness, learn emotional regulation and build resilience and feel better about themselves.

The Physical Education program at Buddhi offers both Sports and Outbound Education.

Sports Education addresses fitness, games and organised sports. The program is age-appropriate and the children’s abilities are considered when choosing a particular type of activity, sport or game.

Outbound Education spans the three domains of self, others, and the natural world and focuses on experiential learning in the outdoors. The main learning objectives are for students to:

  • learn how to overcome adversity through problem solving & survival skills
  • enhance personal and social development through teamwork & leadership skills
  • develop a deeper relationship with nature through survival techniques and greater understanding of natural  environments
  • build skills that will help them enjoy the great outdoors such as hiking, tramping, camping, etc.

Activities are conducted in the outdoors amid ample natural features involving vegetation, terrain, climate, etc. to help provide a suitable environment for learning.